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About Art Directors & Trip


Art Directors & Trip was formed in 1996 when Trip Photographic Library acquired the Art Directors Photo Library. The Art Directors Photo Library was established in the early 1970s and TRIP was set up by photographers Helene Rogers and Bob Turner in 1992. The library has a broad cross-section of clients covering both the advertising and editorial markets, stretching across the world, that are serviced directly and through a network of overseas agencies.

We are members of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA) and individually members of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and the Master Photographers Association.


We are committed to providing a real service in an increasingly impersonal environment. As an example of this we have made our entire image data-base available on the web-site. This means that you will have access to data on 450,000 images and we will scan your personal selection and make these available to you by your preferred method. However, if you are still unable to find the right image from a search on our web site, we will always undertake to do our best to find that image and supply it to you in the most appropriate format for your needs. We are a library run by photographers and therefore possess the special skills to find and produce the perfect images to meet your needs. All of our digitised images are drum-scanned with colour, tone and contrast controlled in a way that is only possible after years of experience of working with images. We take a real pride in the quality of the scanned images we produce.


Our clients’ image requirements are met from a file of approximately 1 million images and as a “live” library we are constantly adding new stock to those files. The files cover the entire world and unlike many libraries we actively encourage our contributing photographers to photograph in depth which means that we carry extensive coverage of countries and cities and not just the obvious landmarks. Importantly, this includes people, customs, festivals, religion, lifestyle, workstyle, including minor and major industry and commerce, agriculture, landscape, cityscape, flora and fauna. We have contributors situated in many countries across the globe who are able to rapidly respond when images are required that are not held in stock.

In addition to our global coverage we have extensive files on animals, buildings, people, transport and in particular backgrounds. We represent American agencies, Picturesque and Viesti Associates, whose particular strengths complement our own and enable us to offer a comprehensive choice of images to all sectors of the market. Images of these two agencies can be accessed through the following web sites:



Images from either of these two agencies can be ordered through ourselves.


We are not tied to a rigid pricing structure and pride ourselves on the flexibility we are able to offer in order to work within a client’s budget. We are able and willing to work on entire projects, will go out of our way to obtain the right images and at the same time to offer very competitive prices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss a price for the use of a single image or the pricing of a project or series of projects. We are convinced that the only way to proceed and prosper is to get to know the clients that we work with!


Art Directors & Trip is located in Cheam, just 12 miles from the centre of London and we are more than happy to extend a welcome to anyone who would like to visit for whatever reason or purpose.

Our address is: 57 Burdon Lane, Cheam, Surrey SM2 7BY England

Telephone + 44 (0) 20 8642 3593
Fax + 44 (0) 20 8395 7230
Email images@artdirectors.co.uk