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Welcome to the contributor’s page, if you have not already done so you can learn something about the agency from the “about Art Directors & Trip” page.

It is important for us to continue to update and upgrade our existing stock base. We are keen to cover each country as extensively as possible. In practice this means everything that is representative of each particular country. Importantly this includes its peoples, customs, festivals, religions, lifestyles, workstyles, including minor and major industries and commerce, agriculture as well as landscape, cityscape, flora & fauna. It naturally includes everything about any particular country, at all times of the year and everything that differentiates one country from another. If you are about to undertake a photographic trip or assignment we would be pleased to hear from you so that we can let you know of any specific requirements.

We accept submissions in both digital and film formats and expect to receive an initial submission of between 50 to 100 images. We will look at digital submissions, both scans from film and digital originals, covering all locations and subjects. However, we will only consider film submissions where these are considered to be of significant importance. If you are considering making a film submission, you should contact us by email or telephone, in order to discuss the content of the submission, before sending it.

Initial submissions for selection in digital format should be made by CD/DVD, images should be submitted as jpegs and individual file sizes should be no greater than 1mb per image. Basic caption information should be provided either as an excel file, in a list form or in the title of the image. In addition you should send five high res images, in accordance with the requirements set out below, so that we can assess the quality of them. If you are scanning from film, your scanner should be able to produce images which are approximately 5200 x 3400 pixels at 300 dpi from 35mm film, without using any form of interpolation provided for by your scanner software, if you are uncertain about the basic file size produced by your scanner you should check this with the manufacturer. If your scanner is not able to produce scans at the required size, you can interpolate your image using Photoshop. It should be noted that the quality of the scans is unlikely to be acceptable if it is necessary to interpolate the scanned image by more than 100%. You should ensure that no sharpening is applied.

Submission of digital images selected for inclusion in the library should be made by CD/DVD for PC, they should be 8 bit RGB TIFFs and must not be sharpened. The colour profile should be set to Adobe RGB 1998 and all files should be saved at 300dpi. File sizes should be at least 48mb but no larger than 60mb. Photoshop should be used to interpolate smaller sized images produced from digital cameras. Full caption and keyword information must be provided for each image, and should be imbedded as IPTC data in Photoshop. There are only two fields that we require to be completed and these are the "description or caption" and "keyword" fields. As an example the image displayed on this page would be captioned as follows:

Yacht from above Sydney Harbour Bridge NSW Australia

Note - do not use any punctuation.

The image would be keyworded as follows:

Yacht; from above; aerial; Sydney; harbour bridge; harbor bridge; harbour; harbor; nsw; new south wales; Australia; travel; tourism

The list of keywords used here is not necessarily exhaustive but merely shown for illustrative purposes. IMPORTANT - Words/phrases must be separated by semicolons.

Please include an indication if a model and/or property release is available.

Great care should be taken to eliminate dust, hairs and scratches from scans from film originals and also all blemishes from digital originals. Images must also be free from "chromo noise" and "colour fringing". Images that do not meet with these requirements will not be accepted.

CDs/DVDs will not be returned unless specifically requested and return postage is provided.

Submissions of 35mm slides must be mounted and fully captioned on the mount, together with the contributor's name; your address is not required. If you are sending pictures of people, the slide mount should be marked "MR" if you have a Model Release. Medium format transparencies may be submitted unmounted but each one should be sleeved, with a caption attached on a label which is or can be attached to the sleeve. Two lists of the slides submitted should be included so that one can be retained and one returned to record those that have been retained in the library. Sufficient return postage must be enclosed with the submission, if return postage is not enclosed slides will not be returned until the appropriate postage is received.

The caption and keyword information provided is of great importance, frequently sales' opportunities are limited because insufficient detail is provided. Images will not be accepted where sufficient caption/keyword information is not provided.

On acceptance of images into the library, a formal contract will be issued. If you would like to see a copy, please contact us. Our standard commission rate for images supplied as digital is 50% and for images supplied as film is 40%.

Following the initial submission, we expect contributors to make submissions on a regular basis. We endeavour to deal with image submissions as quickly as possible but there are periods when backlogs occur and we would ask that you be patient. We would ask that you do not submit any images on which you have previously sold rights in this country.

By their very nature the images included on this web site are truly representative of the quality and content that we are interesting in seeing, we welcome your submission if your own images are able to meet this standard.

Please use the contact page, if you have any questions you would like answered before making a submission.

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