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Ice-fishing. South of Russia
Image reference: 10642938


Ice-fishing. South of Russia


Vladimir Sidoropolev


Activities  Activity  Angling  cast a line  catch fish neatly  Close  Closeup  Cold  December  Detail  February  Fish  Fisherman  Fishes  Fishing  Fishing Rod  fishing tackle  fishing trip  fishing-rod and line  Food  former soviet union  former USSR  Freeze  Frost  Frosty  hobbies  Hobby  Horizontal  Ice  ice-fishing  Icy  January  Landscapes  Leisure  leisures  Natural  Nature  Pole  Poles  put a line out  Rod  Rods  Russia  Russian  Russian Federation  Seasons  snow up  Soviet  soviet union  Trap  Union  Ussr  View  Views  Vladimir Sidoropolev  Water  Waters  Winter 

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