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Using the Website

This website contains the full inventory of the photo library, including the records of those pictures which are not yet scanned. The library images that are not yet scanned are referred to as the extended library or extended images. All image records are keyworded to make it easier to locate particular subject matter. Any images from the extended archive can be scanned on request by placing an order for those images.

The images section of the website allows you to browse the entire library. By clicking on an image, you can see a larger preview version suitable for comping purposes. This image can be easily downloaded from the preview page using the download link. Use the preview page’s “print this page” link to print out all the image information displayed on the preview page.

You can select images for later retrieval or ordering by adding them to your working lightbox. This is done via a link from the image preview page. Once you have images in a lightbox, you can place an order for them, or save the selection in order to email it to somebody.

Much of the functionality described below is only available to users that have logged on. Logging on requires you to register for an automatically created account. Any information you give during registration is for our use only and will not be given out to third parties. See our privacy page [link] for further details of how your information will be used.

Searching for Images

There are several ways of using the image keywords to locate images. If you know what you are looking for, try using the search tools search box to perform a new search. On the image preview, the keywords for that image are shown as links. You can use these links to perform a new search or to widen or narrow the current search by selecting from the search options under the keyword links.

If you are having trouble locating images or relevant keywords, you can view all keywords from the link in the search tools. You can also use the “Find a keyword” link from the search tools box on the image page. This allows you to search the keywords themselves. The keywords found can then be clicked on to perform a search as on the image preview page.

Using the Lightbox

By adding images to your working lightbox, you can save sets of images for later reference. The working lightbox can be saved from the lightbox page for later retrieval. You can make saved lightboxes available to others by effectively “sending” the lightbox to them by email. The recipient can then save that lightbox by using the lightbox tools. Sent lightboxes are automatically removed from the “sent lightboxes” list after 30 days. This does not affect any saved lightboxes.

Placing an Order

An order can be created from any lightbox. If you want to refer to the lightbox later, you should save it before placing your order. You will need to provide details of the intended usage for all images ordered so have this information available.

Any extended archive images ordered will be scanned and uploaded to a lightbox and you will be advised, by email, of it’s availability. If we are unable to do this within 24 hours we will let you know.

Once your order has been received, we will contact you concerning the reproduction fee and we can proceed to complete the order and deliver the images.